Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time to Step It Up! Help Spread the Word!

Folks, this is really going to happen! We're going to Step It Up by hosting a rally on Nov. 4th., from 3pm - 5pm. Here's the latest update:

The march from IU South Bend will begin at the Peace Pole located in front of the Schurz Library. We'll continue along the river walk path, crossing the Colfax St. bridge enroute to the Jon Hunt Plaza, which is in front of the Morris Performing Arts Center.

Once we reach the Morris Center, we'll be joined by students, faculty, and staff from Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College, along with the Michiana community, members of local Green
organizations, and government officials. Congressman Joe Donnelly is expected to speak around 4pm. Sociology professor, Mike Keen, will be the speaker for IU South Bend.

You can join the rally beginning at 3 pm on either campus, or you can come hear the speakers in front of the Morris Center.

This is part of a national Step It Up – One Sky movement to combat global warming by calling for a reduction of carbon emissions, a moratorium on new coal-fired plants and the creation of Green jobs and initiatives in hundreds of communities from Florida to Alaska during the same

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Experimentaholic said...

Good luck - don't fall into that river, though!