Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We Need LEED

This afternoon I attended a talk about IU South Bend's efforts to obtain LEED certification for the new student housing, which is currently under construction. (It'll be ready Fall 2008.) Right now, it looks like this:

But with a little imagination, it could look something like this:
The Troyer Group, a local architectural firm, is closely working with IU South Bend to obtain LEED certification for student housing. In short, LEED certification ensures that the building was designed and constructed with the concept of sustainability in mind. What that means is that the Troyer Group has to make "green" decisions on site location, water management, energy performance, material use, and indoor environmental quality.

To be sure, getting "LEED certified" entails meeting several criteria, and there are different levels of LEED (certified, silver, gold, and platinum). From what I've gathered, the new building is aimed for the silver level, although that decision will be made once all the paperwork and proper inspections have been completed. So stay tuned for those updates!

One question I've been wondering, though, has more to do with what happens after people start living in this green building. How will the garbage be handled? Will there be a composting area for food waste? Will there be recycling bins available? Will people engage in eco-friendly behaviors once they start living in this eco-friendly residence?


Radical Garbage Man said...

And those are the key questions that really matter once the ribbon is cut and the fancy LEED certificate is framed.

I'm pretty sure that a designs impact on solid waste and recycling doesn't get considered. Wouldn't that be cool?

Experimentaholic said...

Nice! I wish I lived in a green dorm. Mine was pretty gray.