Friday, October 12, 2007

BYOC: Bring Your Own Cup!

Okay, I'll admit it: I'm pooped from thinking about this Styrofoam vs. bio-cup issue. I hadn't realized what a *hot* topic this has turned out to be, and quite frankly, I need to read published research reports on this topic (i.e., recyclability of Styrofoam, potential health risks, leaching rates, and so on). Of course, this is in addition to me writing three grant proposals that are due in Nov, Dec, and Jan. And this is in addition to me grading...oh, dear...I'm wiped out at the moment!

But one thing I learned this week was that IU South Bend allows folks to bring their own cups and mugs for filling-up their favorite beverage at the SAC and Grille. (The SAC and Grille are the on-campus dining facilities at IU South Bend.) I heard this from Steve Rose himself - he's the Director of Dining Services - so you have his blessing to bring your own cup.

So while we continue to contemplate this Styrofoam issue, please do your part by bringing your own cup with you when dining at IU South Bend. Remember, we're trying to reduce waste on campus, and every little bit helps. BYOC!

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