Friday, September 07, 2007

Tomorrow is Bagonaut's Big Day!

Bagonaut's big day is tomorrow!! I really wish I could transport myself to San Angelo, TX to attend this event. In case you haven't heard, Egon "Bagonaut" Sanders has organized a Big Bag Event to raise public awareness on the consumption of plastic bags. As with any big event, there will be fun activities (e.g., live music, film festival) and insightful discussions about this issue for kids and adults. Bagonaut is also giving away free reusable bags for anyone who donates a canned food item for charity. Plus, the Mayor and State Representative will be in attendance to provide their support--good, we need this kind of political support. People need to know that these environmental issues is everybody's problem, and that everyone needs to pitch in to reduce the negative impact we're imposing on the environment.

And who wants to miss the greatest spectacle of all? Bagonaut will be lowered by crane into the world's largest reusable bag. He'll remain in this bag for 24-hours nonstop starting at 12pm tomorrow!

Good luck, Bagonaut!!! I am sending you positive thoughts and wishing you success for tomorrow's Big Bag Event! :0)

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