Monday, September 10, 2007

Bagonaut's Big Bag Event

This morning, I received a surprise call from none other than Bagonaut himself! I was so happy to hear that the Big Bag Event was a success. Over 1,000 people attended. As promised, the Mayor of San Angelo and the State Representative also came to the festival. Bagonaut was even blessed by a local Bishop!

In just 24-hours, 1200 reusable bags were given away to festival attendants and 3700 lbs of food were collected for charity. Wow, that's tremendous!!

And of course, Bagonaut was the star of the show! He was crane-lifted 80ft into the world's largest reusable bag. And he stayed in that bag for 24-hours. What a brave man!!

But on a more serious note, we both discussed why raising awareness about the consumption of plastic bags is important. "It's planting seeds," Bagonaut said.

And consistent with the growing plant metaphor is the idea of sustaining this momentum. Bagonaut has a few ideas on how to continue this project. One idea is to have a "Bagonette." Hmm, I wonder who might be the lucky girl to take on that role?? ;0)

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Anonymous said...

w00t! w00t! My daughter was there as a volunteer from Goodfellow AFB collecting donated munchies and giving out canvas bags. She gave Mr. Bagonaut a double "thumbs up" as a really good guy. Yay Egan! You go bag man!