Friday, August 24, 2007

Victory for Lake Michigan!

I'm astounded--BP made a public announcement stating they will not increase their dumping of ammonia and sludge into Lake Michigan. Rebecca Stanfield, Director of Environment Illinois, sent this email to everyone who signed the Save-the-Lake petition:

"Citing 'ongoing regional opposition,' BP America Chairman and President Bob Malone announced this morning that the company will avoid any increased pollution into Lake Michigan from its oil refinery in Whiting, Indiana. BP has heard the voices of hundreds of thousands of Great Lakes region residents saying that Lake Michigan is a natural treasure and source of drinking water, not our dumping ground. In response, BP has issued a non-binding statement indicating it will avoid increased dumping of ammonia and toxics-containing solids, which are allowed by its new discharge permit issued in June by Indiana's Department of Environmental Management."

This victory is due in part, to over 100,000 people voicing their opposition and working together to overturn this permit. Wow, what a great success story!! This is a clear example of how individuals can band together to make a positive difference in their community.

But the battle is not quite over. Because this is a non-binding agreement, BP may be playing lip service to quell the public outcry, perhaps waiting for the opposition to diminish and forget this issue. And once forgotton, BP may quietly increase their dumping of pollutants into Lake Michigan--and they'll get away with it because that permit has not been amended.

So let's make sure BP will stand by their word! Rebecca Stanfield would like for you to send a message to BP asking them to obtain an amended permit that will prevent any increase in pollution into Lake Michigan. Click here to send your message to BP.

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