Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dear BP: It's Not OK to Pollute Lake Michigan

The fight against BP is not yet over: Congress is trying to pass legislation to reverse the EPA's decision of allowing BP to dump more toxic waste into Lake Michigan.

Today's Chicago Tribune also features a great story on the EPA's response to the public's outcry against polluting the lake. I'm not sure if the public will accept the EPA's seven alternative suggestions. I think folks just want BP to stop polluting Lake Michigan!


Experimentaholic said...

Well, Chicagoans like myself like that lake. We even reversed a river in the early part of the 20th century so that it would be clean (not to mention the pollution it caused downriver of the Chicago Canal). I'd protest that BP plan if I were still in the windy city! I would like it to be the case that when I return and go swimming from prominatory point in Hyde Park that my skin won't peel off or burn.

Michelle Verges said...

Here's another update about BP's plan to pollute Lake Michigan:

According to Rebecca Stanfield, Director of Environment Illinois, more than 70,000 people have signed the petition against BP. This "firestorm of outcry," as Mary Gade, Regional Administrator for the EPA, put it, has helped generate a response by both the EPA and BP.

Let's hope this public outcry will lead to significant changes in preserving the lake.

To watch a brief news clip from a recent press conference concerning these latest developments, click here.