Tuesday, July 10, 2007

El Yunque y Mofongo

Today we went to El Yunque, which is Puerto Rico's national rain forest. What a LUSH, verdant experience!! Unfortunately, I have to keep this post short (I don't have much time for myself), so I hope for the time being, you will enjoy these photos. (I've got to give a full report to Meghan, after all!!)

Green, green, everywhere:

Me and my little brother, Joel, posing with the chupacabra:

One of several waterfalls in El Yunque:

Another waterfall:

Me making mofongo for the very first time:

And yes, the mofongo was mmm, mmm, GOOD!!


Experimentaholic said...

Glad to see you're having fun! What is mofongo, Ms. Verges? - Experimentaholic

Michelle Verges said...

Thanks for checking in, Experimentaholic!! Yes, we're having a blast!

To answer your question, mofongo is a dish made from plantains...all you have to do is slice the plantains, fry (or boil) them in a pan, then put a couple of the plantains in a pilon (ie., mortar & pestle), add a touch of garlic, and pound the heck out of them. Then you take the plantain and roll it into a ball...and viola! You have mofongo!!


(And that's Dr. Verges to you, Experimentaholic!)

Experimentaholic said...

Oh, okay, Dr. Verges. Or perhaps it should be Dr. Professor Verges, just as my old chum Dr. Prof. Gigerenzer would have it. Will you make me Mofongo someday? You see, Dr. Prof. Verges, we can have a deal. I will teach you my family's pasta sauce and meatballs recipe if you teach me me something Puerto Rican. Mofongo sounds good to me! I love plantains.

Meghan said...

Gorgeous! I'm just back from Florida, myself. Pics on my blog soon...but more of people than scenery. I can't compete with Puerto Rico!