Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fast Food Nation

My fascination with food continues! This film is a visual analogue to Eric Schlosser's book also entitled, Fast Food Nation.

The film provocatively reveals the hidden (and intricate) system behind the fast food industry. It weaves together several factors, which on the surface, appear disconnected. For example, what's the connection between illegal immigrants and fast food? But when you take a moment to consider how these issues may be connected, the story becomes much richer and compelling.

Of course, another issue has emerged for me, which concerns personal responsibility. As I learn more about these food issues, I become more empowered to adjust my lifestyle habits. I suppose my philosophy of life doesn't reflect the"Ignorance is bliss" mantra. Instead, I try to live my life according to this philosophical model: Follow your bliss. For me, it's recognizing (and respecting) the Big Picture: I am not alone, but connected to other people, plants, and animals.

Anyway, if you're curious to learn more about this issue, feel free to watch this YouTube trailer!


Experimentaholic said...

I think a theme in my life is how we're all connected. For instance, take my sociogram study (you know, the one you were looking at when I approached you) - it is all about the tenuous links between people. So I liked this blog about the interdependency of the things we use.

Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Thanks for your comment, Experimentaholic!

Wow, a sociogram study? I can tell you're a geek just like me. But for those of who you enjoy living a life of normalcy, I'd like to fill you in on this fancy term.

A sociogram is basically a way to illustrate how we're all connected to each other. One example would be to think about your family tree or a friendship chart that shows the various connections among you and other people in your life.

As Experimentaholic noted, I'm interested in the idea of creating a sociogram not of people, but of objects we use on a daily basis.