Sunday, May 06, 2007

Environmental Education at the Farmers' Market

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My friend, Dave Kreller, organized an environmental education event at the Farmers' Market the last two Saturdays. I was there to support him and to tell folks about the plastic-bag project (of course!).

As you can imagine, it was fun sharing practical information on what we can do to reduce waste and improve the environment. Plus, the market was buzzing with entertainment: kids, games, ponies, and a brass band helped us celebrate this event.

And GEM the Electric Car was in attendance! Some of you may already know that Gabrielle and Mike Keen own South Bend's first electric car. Anyway, feel free to peruse the pictures taken from this event by clicking on this flickr photo.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle. No our teacher wanted us to write blogs to get in touch with other kids around the world who were doing the same sort of thing that we were. I went on Google and just searched for people with blogs about environment issues. Thanks again for your comment, hope to keep you posted!