Monday, May 14, 2007

Bike to Work Week

Today kicks off National Bike-to-Work Week. So this morning, I dusted my bike and rode to work. Not bad! In fact, biking to work was fun. :0)

Now that it's Spring, I figured I'd bike to work on a regular basis--that is, until it gets too cold for me. (You have to remember I'm from Georgia; my idea of the "cold" differs from most folks around here!)

So, why bother biking?

Well, the reasons why I should bike seem rather transparent: I'm getting in shape while on my way to work, I get to say hello to passerbys, and I save money on gas and parking.

And there's another reason (this one is more psychological): After not driving my VW Jetta for a couple of weeks, I really appreciate driving it again! Cognitive psychologists call this effect "dishabituation," which basically means that taking a break from a routine behavior (i.e., driving) elicits the same response (i.e., joy) I experienced the first time I drove my car. Sweet!

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