Sunday, April 01, 2007

Water Bottles

I want to share with my classmates my Royte reading response for the chapter Satan's Resin. I just found that this chapter really hit home with me and perhaps it will for you, too?

In 2003, Americans consumed 13 billion liters of bottled water! Unfortunately, I know that I am part of this statistic. Several months ago, I wrote a list of things I could live without to save money. Bottled water was one of them. Every week I was spending close to $6.00 on bottled water. Roughly that would total close to $290.00 annually. Seeing these figures down on paper really put things in perspective for me. Why did I actually drink bottled water?

For me, I grew up on it. Truthfully, I have never been very concerned about the impurities in our water. However, spending close to $300.00 a year on drinking water was a bit ridiculous. There was one substitute that I could think of and that was buying a Brita water filter. So I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found a pitcher that would fit very nicely inside my refrigerator. Along with that I bought a filter that would need to be changed every 3 months for $19.00. Being a bargain shopper this seemed very logical to me to stop buying bottles of water. If I kept using this pitcher of water, I could save close to $200.00! Honestly, at the time I was only concerned with the money issue. However, this chapter put light on the fact that I am not contributing to the astounding statistic anymore. No longer are my water bottles being burned or buried.

At the end of the day, it’s comforting knowing that I have helped save our environment and quite frankly, I didn’t even go out of way to do it. This just seems like something that everyone would be capable of doing.


Michelle Verges, Project Director said...


Your post nicely highlights the fact that we must consider both the environmental and economic factors in our purchasing decisions.

This is not an "either/or" issue. Instead, it's a two-fold issue that we need to think about.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

That's great! This chapter was particularly disturbing to me too. I used to use the Brita water filter too and it works great! However, it didn't quite fit my needs once I had a family so at my house we use the Pur filter that actually attaches right onto your faucet at home. I think it works great because you can choose to have filtered water or not and you don't have to change it that often.