Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Step It Up at BagFest!

Elizabeth Royte informed me about Step It Up, which is a non-profit organization rallying for climate change on April 14th. Here's the link to the site: www.stepitup2007.org. To see the poster, click here .

I've asked the Environmental Justice League to hand out literature about Step It Up at their booth for BagFest. In addition, Step It Up is trying to get folks to send letters to Congress; their goal is to have 80% carbon reductions by 2050.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that BagFest will be counted as one of the rallies for climate change. Thanks, Elizabeth, for bringing this program to our attention. And guess what else? Colin Beavan (i.e., No Impact Man) talks about Step It Up on Comedy Central. See the footage for yourself! :0)

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agourley said...

That clip was funny in an odd sort of way. I get the humor that Colbert was putting forth, but at the same time I was thinking what a waste. I did think that the question of writers calling for paper conservation when indeed their creative products many times require paper. It will be interesting to see on what product Mr. Beaven's book is published. It seems like Royte really lamented the fact that her success would negatively effect her message. But it seems that authors really are at loggerheads when it comes to the issue. If Mr. Beaven's publishers come up with an alternative that could be a great achievement to the paper conservation world. Of course, it will have to be financially viable to be put into use on a large scale.