Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paper Increase Passed to Us

This morning, I received a "FYI" email noting that Office Max has received an increase in the cost of paper from manufacturers (i.e., Boise, Domtar, and International Paper). As a result, this price increase will be passed onto consumers effective May 3rd. Lucky us!

Here are some highlights I gathered from reading the manufacturers' letters:
  • There is a US $60/ton paper increase on copy paper
  • This increase will raise prices to $1,020/ton
  • Laser paper printing will increase 5.35%
  • Inkjet paper printing will incrase 5.55%
  • Printing on 30% recycled paper will increase 7.8%

Why the price increase?

According to Domtar Co., this increase is due to tight markets in the U.S. and to price increases already implemented in Europe.

So, what should we do?

According to Tom Westerhof, Staff Member of Purchasing and Contracts, we should, "please keep this increase in mind when reviewing your paper needs for the near future." In other words, it's time we conserve paper, too.


Anonymous said...

I'm sort of skeptical that people will actually use less paper because of the increase cost of paper. When gas prices went up, some people may have modified their habits some what, but it seems like the majority of people just continued their regular habits.

Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Yah, you may be right. I remember a recent NY Times article about gas prices increasing this summer.

In the article, the reporter interviewed a woman who was filling-up her SUV. Her response to the gas issue was, "so what?"


At the very least, people are less likely to be in a position of saying they didn't know any better.

At worst, it appears that people just don't care.

Oh, well...but I did hear some good news this morning:

Astronauts recently discovered a planet that looks like Earth. Maybe after we're done trashing this place, we can move to that planet!