Monday, April 09, 2007

Cloth Nappies

I have a newborn baby who is five-months old today; she has been using diapers all along from the time she was born. When we started this class we had to do inventory of how much garbage we contribute to the city every month. I was very suprised with how much food my family is wasting weekly and that made me make some serious adjustments to our eating and cooking life style, which I am very pleased with. Another big contributor from my waste was the disposable diapers my baby uses. This was a lot of waste in both volume and mass, but largely money that goes to the dumpster to contribute in the environmental destruction. "YES" I pay a lot of money to pollute our planet.

I remember growing up with my younger siblings who used cloth diapers. We called them "Nepi" in Swahili. These diapers were rewashable and money saving. I was very happy to hear the story about these nappies again. I will be spending about $1500 at the end of this year only in diapers, so I am seriously thinking about these cloth nappies. I am afraid that it will be such an inconvinience to wash & dry them and keeping them clean; however, it will be both planet and money saving. For those who have children in diapers, lets think about it. I think it will be worth to invest in these nappies.

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Michelle said...

have you heard of g-diapers?