Monday, April 16, 2007

A Personal Change: One Sheet at a Time

This afternoon, I attended the Speech Preliminaries hosted by the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts. Our very own Melissa Lentine was one of the speech finalists! Now, let me get this out of the way: I was not an unbiased observer. But let me be clear: Melissa's speech was AWESOME!

Out of six finalists, Melissa's speech was the only one that conveyed a message of hope and personal empowerment. As Melissa put it, we can make simple changes to our daily routine, like purchasing 100% recycled toilet paper, which can make a big sheet at a time.

The other five speeches, which included topics such as drunk driving, teen driving accidents, and human trafficking, left me feeling a bit hopeless and depressed. (And well, one speech was bizarre; I'll just leave it at that.)

So congratulations, Melissa, on a job well done!

P.S. I'm still decompressing from BagFest. Once I've mentally and physically recovered from this event, I'll share my thoughts and personal experiences with you. :0) M


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA ON A JOB WELL DONE! I wholeheartedly agree with Michelle. Melissa's speech was so incredibly awesome. It was funny and serious all at the same time and left you with the feeling that you could actually do something. Melissa did such a fantastic job with delivery. She looked so confident up there. Melissa's speech should have won because it was by far the most outstanding speech up there. I was so happy to have the opportunity to hear her speech.

Melis' said...

Sheesh, you guys must have been super primed for a toilet paper talk. :O)

But really... it really meant alot to have your support. Well, meant is past tense, and this kind of meaning last forever.

In speech night, I was indeed a loser. Yet, with friends like Kim and Michelle I feel like the biggest winner of all.


plumbing said...

Thinking that toilet papers are something which is personal to use, this is really hard to recycle. Not yet hearing her speech already made me impressed.

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