Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bag Haute Couture


I love that site! I just had to grab a couple of photos for everyone to see:

"The Bag Man"

And here's one more:

"Pretty in Paper Cups"

Nice!! In case you're wondering if these folks have indeed lost their marbles, the purpose of this fashion show was to support the Thailand Water Project. The models are actually students of Gordonstoun School, which is located in Scotland.

The school's motto is Plus est en Vous. In plain English, "There is more in you (than you think)."

Gordonstoun School elaborates on this point:

"This means each of us, in order to make a real contribution to life in our community and to gain a true sense of fulfilment, must move outside our comfort zone and develop that awesome potential that lies - sometimes deeply buried - in each of us. We need to be passionate about the things that matter and pursue them in a practical way. In this way the Mission is given life and is achieved by embracing the Motto."

Wow, what a compelling school motto!

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