Monday, March 05, 2007


First I take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Verges for her tireless work to see we get to have our keynote speaker for the bag fest. I am so excited about it I do not think I have ever met any author of the books I read and never had a reason to until now. I am so eager to see this lady who is so passionate about garbage that has made a whole difference to her life and now mine. Hats off to you Michelle we are right behind you. I am also excited to learn that dealing with garbage can be quite exciting something I have never thought of. I am now more careful with my garbage than ever although reading chapter five of garbage land still left me in a dilemma. I was not sure I would be ready to go through the process of making composts and nurturing them or I would just do it to support Royte with turning our environment into gold with green waste. However, learning that this would help me in a lifetime is worth a task to endure. Statistics have never been this exciting!!!!!!

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Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad you're excited to hear Elizabeth Royte give the keynote address at BagFest. This is a big treat for us all! :0)

And I sincerely appreciate your positive attitude. I think having a positive attitude is a major (perhaps, necessary!) ingredient for learning statistics!

:0) M