Friday, March 30, 2007

Walking the Walk

So we have been talking about garbage for months now, and in particular the demon plastic bags. I have been spouting off statistics to people from Garbageland and from our blog. "Do you know that we use 380 billion plastic bags a year?" I would blurt out. "Do you know that 95% of magazines are printed on completely virgin paper?" Suffice to say, I have been talking, but until recently I was all talk no action. Tonight, I joined the reusable bag crowd.

I had my tote bags tucked into my regular bag when I went grocery shopping tonight, and I whipped them out at the checkout. I had saved my produce bags from the last time I had gone shopping, and reused them for my onion, bananas, and grapes. I figure reusing my plastic produce bags is better than nothing.

I don't know why it took me so long, but it is oddly satisfying not just to talk the talk, but to walk the walk.


Michelle Verges, Project Director said...


I read your post this morning. And I read it again this afternoon. I keep going back to the blog just to re-read your words.

Ok, before I continue, let me say this: I'm not a cryer. I don't like to cry, not in public, and not even in private. I'm tough as nails! ;0)

But reading your post today moved me.

Goodness, it's been quite an emotional week; I'm so happy we get to end this week on a strong, positive note!

:0) M

Anonymous said...

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