Friday, March 30, 2007


Check this site. The other day when I found the list of sites. The next day I called many numbers. Starting with the South Bend waste, called Lansing Michigan-Envirnomatal Quality Department, berrien county recycle person, Reliable, and the Buchanan Landfill. Found out some information. But I found this site. It looks to good to be true. They say they pick up in 24hr nationwide. And they take all plastics in all shapes, sizes, forms, they take it all. I wish we could see more of these all over the country. They really want to change the problem with plastic waste. I will contact this site and find out more.


Anonymous said...

This looks like an interesting website. I'm glad you put this information up. I was very disturbed after reading chapter 9 in "Garbage Land". Here we think we're doing the right thing about recycling these plastics, but there's much more involved as far as the limits of recycling and the evils of manufacturing plastics in the first place. I've already been trying to come up with ways to limit plastic use in my house, which is even harder when you have kids. It seems like everything comes in a plastic container!

Michelle Verges, Project Director said...


Thanks for posting this link. I checked out the website. From what I gathered, it looks like this company deals with full (40,000 lbs) and little truckloads (5,000+)of plastics.

They said to contact the counties' recycling programs if you have less than that amount of plastic.

I'm glad to know there are companies willing to pick-up plastics. What we need is infrastructure to bale and store all those plastic bags. Then we'll be in good shape for contacting plastic-recycling companies.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust this company. They do take it all but many customers have had complaints about different plastic materials being mixed in together and even non-plastic contamination such as metal, wood, and food. There is also a lot of waste and much of the plastic is simply thrown away. Employees are treated poorly as well. Turn-over rates are high and OSHA violations are a daily occurrence.

Michelle said...

Wow, Anon. Thanks for the tip. Maybe this company really is too good to be true. I'll keep this on my radar if more information about this company comes my way.