Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Household Hazardous Waste

In reading one of my student's "Royte Response" commentary, a good question was posed: Where would I find a list of household products that contain hazardous waste?

That question inspired me to find out some answers. In the spirit of sharing information, this is what I learned from the St. Joseph County Solid Waste Management District. We apparently have a household hazardous waste collection facility in our community--fantastic!

Acceptable Items
Waste Oils & Lubricants - engine, gear
Paints & Solvents - paints, stains, finishing oils, thinners
Pesticides/Herbicides-week & grass killer, insect killers, garden chemicals
Poisons-mouse & rat killers, roach & ant killers
Waste Fuels-Charcoal lighter, fuel oil, gasoline
Aerosols-spray paint, insect sprays
Batteries - household
Corrosives-lye, acids, drain killer
Mercury - elemental, thermostats, switches & relays, vapor lamps
Tires *no rims* - St. Joseph County residents only
Corrosives-lye, acids, drain killer

They do accept e-waste, but according to their site, businesses and organizations should call ahead to make arrangements. (It's ok for individuals to bring their e-waste to the site without calling first.)

There's a permanent household-hazardous waste collection facility in Mishawaka:
1105 E. Fifth Street (between Dearborn Crane and Trailmaster).

They're open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

It's free!!

Well, almost. Here's some "fine-print" information to note: It costs $12 (each) to recycle old computers, TVs, and video-game players. There's no cost to recycle cameras, radios, and cameras. Click here to see the comprehensive e-waste list.

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