Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well happy spring break everybody! But of course we are all still thinking and dreaming of plastic bags!

When we read Royte's chapter on composting, it made me reflect on my experience with composting, and I wonder if anyone else has similar experiences.

My sister came home with a tub of worms and a Styrofoam cooler. I asked her what in the world she was doing. She responded, “Composting.” After she created her compost she sat it out by our back patio and that was all I noticed it for awhile. It was not until a few hot days went by that I really started to notice the compost. Previous to her compost we would sit out back and eat, but that stopped as soon as the smell became too bad to handle. Meanwhile, about a month had gone by and my sister’s compost seemed pretty successful. I was not too happy about it because at this point I had lost my back patio to it and a kitchen utensil to help aerate it, which never returned, nor did I really want it to. Well one thing that was also convenient about our back patio was we always let the dogs out on it to use the bathroom. The dogs had never touched this horribly smelly Styrofoam food trap until one day when I was getting ready for school. I came down to let them in to find little Styrofoam beads on their fur and terribly smelly food scraps on their faces. They also created a new definition for Dog breath. Of course, conveniently my sister was gone so I was left to pick up the mess. While picking it up, I found beetles, worms, spiders, it was amazing how many critters resided and feasted in my sister’s compost. I picked up a lot that just seemed like smelly dirt and the rest was little scraps. When I told my sister of the dogs feast upon her compost she was really upset, at the time, I was happy to get rid of it.

Now however, I really want to try composting again! I looked up on-line "apartment composting" and there are a lot of really helpful tips and ideas, for anyone else who lives in a smaller space :)
Above of course are my personal composters ;)

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Michelle Verges, Project Director said...


Those are some cute pups you got there! They're adorable! :0)

Wow, thanks for sharing your personal experiences with composting. Despite the "dog-breath episode," you're inspiring me to give this a shot.

I must admit, I've been tempted, but too intimidated, to start composting. Worms?!? Beetles?!? And spiders?!?


I always thought of myself as a city girl, who's definitely not used to handling worms! But Royte has challenged me--there's no bigger city than NYC, and there she is in Brooklyn composting!

If she can do it, I can do it.

At the very least, I'm willing to try composting. Tori, could you post the links about composting in small places? I'd like to get more information on how I can compost in my small backyard. Thanks!

:0) M