Friday, March 16, 2007

Another Good Day

Today was my second day to teach the same clients as yesterday how to conserve plastic bags by making useful items. The item we made was again the coasters, these items are getting even better today than yesterday. They are more colorful and attractive. The clients did a better job today and they all seemed to enjoy the art of making these coasters. I was looking on the blog today and I am amazed with the statistics of how much landfill, water and number of trees we can save every year if we just change our living habits. My question is how difficult is this ? Why aren't we doing it? I am all fired up, can we do it?
The sad truth is our mess will impact our children and grand children to come if we do not change. There is an ad on one of the T.V. channels showing an older men jumping from the railway trucks leaving a child to be hit by the train. This ad now strikes hard in my mind--Are we doing the same thing by not changing our lives? Are we taking the easy way out while leaving all the mess to our children and grand children to deal with?
I am convinced that we need some changes, and probably small changes and gradually will make a huge impact. If I make some changes today then my son/daughter will probably benefit and make even bigger changes and the world will be a better place to live.

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