Thursday, February 08, 2007

Workshop Schedule

For those of you who would like to learn how to make tote bags from reused plastic bags, please take note: Jennifer will be holding a two-part workshop (see schedule below). For the first workshop (Part 1), Jennifer will teach us how to cut the bags into strips to create "yarn" for the tote bags. For the second workshop (Part 2), Jennifer will teach us how to crochet those plastic strips to create tote bags and other crafts. She will also give us patterns so that we can practice at home. Please be advised that you should attend one Part 1 session and one Part 2 session. To accommodate most schedules, Jennifer has agreed to come to campus on the following dates:

Part 1 Workshop Dates (location TBA)
  • Monday, Feb. 19th, 4pm--6pm
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21th, 10am--12pm
  • Saturday, Feb. 24th, 1pm--3pm

Part 2 Workshop Dates (location TBA)

  • Wednesday, Feb. 28th, 4pm--6pm
  • Saturday, Mar. 3rd, 1pm--3pm

I will have sign-up sheets next week so that Jennifer can get a sense of how many students will be attending each workshop. And I will announce the workshop location in class next week. Hopefully, these workshops will teach us a fun and creative skill, which will also prepare us for the service-learning activity at the Logan Center.

By the way, I hope you like the snowman that Jennifer made from plastic bags! :0) M


Anonymous said...

I am unable to attend any of the first sessions, but am available to attend the second session that is being held on Saturday. If there's anyway we can work around this dilemma, let me know. Maybe I could just come to the second session? Or maybe someone who is attending a first session can bring me up to speed for the second session? Thanks!!!

Michelle Verges, Project Director said...


Quick update: I reserved DW2162 for all the workshops. To be clear, DW2162 is in Wiekamp Hall where the Psychology Department is located.