Friday, February 23, 2007


Here's a goofy video that I found on youtube about statistics. I hope this video will put a smile on your face, and maybe it'll even make you laugh! I know this week was particularly difficult because we had our first exam. So in light of this stressful week, I hope you enjoy the video! :0) M


Anonymous said...

That was brilliant! A little goofy, but definitely clever. I especially liked the grills. My 11 year old son is into those. He makes them out of foil. I wonder why this video was made? Several years ago, I bought my son a DVD called "Division Rap" that used rapping just like this to teach kids about division. The company made a series of those videos for educational purposes. Thanks for the video. It doesn't help my exam grade, but it definitely gave me a chuckle!

Mary O. said...

That was way too funny!!! My favorite part was also the "grill". The stats tattoos were pretty great also. Can you imagine if some actually went out and got those tatoo'd on their forearms?!?! I wouldn't know what to make of it, but it would def make me laugh pretty hard!