Monday, February 12, 2007

Smart Trash Cans (Now this is Smart!)

This is just a look into the future of trash! I found this video and I thought it was pretty amazing that families were becoming increasingly interested in recycling! Plus you can make big $$ after awhile!

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Michelle Verges, Project Director said...


Thanks for posting the video about RecycleBank. This is a very cool program that's offered in Philadelphia, PA. Basically, folks receive gift certificates (up to $35 per month) based on how much they recycle. That's a great incentive, and better yet, there's no cost to participate in this program.

How does RecycleBank stay in business? Well, they're generating profits by diverting money spent on landfill disposal fees. (I find this to be a striking piece of information, considering that PA is the Number 1 importer of garbage in the country.)

I checked their list of what's acceptable for recycling; plastic bags are *not* accepted in this program.

Now that I know that plastic bags can generate a lot of profit for businesses, I find it odd that this material continues to be ignored by the general public (and other businesses, for that matter).

:0) M