Saturday, February 17, 2007

family math activity

Today I volunteered at the family math activity held at the public library by the Riverbend Math Community Center. Again, I felt totally out of my comfort zone in explaining stuff that' s difficult for me, but I learned so much and had a great time in the process. The activity that I helped with today had to do with using materials such as little lightbulbs, batteries, and wires to make the lightbulbs light up and working with logic puzzles. I was impressed by how smart these kids were and how patient even the youngest ones were in trying different methods to make the lightbulbs light up. It certainly seems like sometimes kids have more patience and persistence in stepping out of their comfort zones to try something new than adults do and this certainly applies to learning statistics! I must admit these little kids were inspiring to me as I trudge on through my semester that at times can be very frustrating!

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