Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yea Statistics!

Honestly when asked to write what first came to my mind when I heard the word "statistics", I wrote "Ugh!" Numbers and I have never really gotten along to well and since I am a perfectionist, this class scares me. I was so excited then when I heard what was planned for the semester! I too really appreciate when teachers are able to combine real world learning to a subject that could otherwise be difficult and dull to some (not me of course). I know that I save all my plastic bags, a habit I picked up from my mother who will be a big contributor! I haven't counted them yet, but I have begun gathering all my old plastic bags and I have enlisted my family and friends to save theirs as well.

I am especially excited about the service part of this project. I enjoy planning and putting on celebrations and events, but for me the real joy of this project is being able to volunteer at the Logan's Center and work with the handicap to turn the plastic bags into something beautiful. This is the part of the project that intrigues me and the part that I feel is truly in line with my career goals and what I eventually want to do.

Although statistics still makes me nervous (because I want to do well!), I am no longer petrified of the work I will have to do and I am excited t be a part of this class. Thank you for this great opportunity, I'm excited to dive in and get started!

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