Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Two Million Bags Look Like

Jeff Ashby, Director of Rocky Mountain Recycling, provided me with some interesting facts about distributing plastic bags. To really appreciate this process, though, you'll have to take note on a couple of figures (it's basic algebra, folks, nothing to get alarmed about!). Ok, on average, 65 bags = 1 lb. of plastic bags. And 1200 lb = 1 bale of plastic bags. In addition, each truckload carries about 40,000 lbs of plastic bags in bale form.

Given these numbers, that means that one truckload carries over 2 million bags in a shipment. WHAT?!? What does two million plastic bags look like? Well, wonder no more: Jeff gave me a picture of him standing on top of 2 million plastic bags. So click here to see the monstrosity for yourself!

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HowToMe said...

Just looked at the photo you mention. WOAH! All the more reason to use and reuse cloth! Thank you for the informative visual.

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