Monday, January 15, 2007

my take on the whole bag....

These last few years I have felt a growing anxiety about the state of environmental affairs, getting older I guess. I do have a direct connection to the future in lieu of my child, and hopefully someday grandchilderen. I think in my earlier life I got glazed over at the topic, I simply did not believe that I could make a difference in the matter. I've grown to relish the impact I can have, and I am excited at yet another oppurtunity to do so.

I recently enjoyed a stroll through Chicago. I remember seeing a row of trees "decorated" w/ 10 or so decomposing plastic shopping bags nestled among the branches. It was like sad art. The topic resonated w/ me immediatly.

In closing, I am excited to learn statistics in a way that can be applied in a concrete and helpful manner.

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