Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Touring the Recycling Center

My student, Patrick Cravalho, and I toured the recycling center last week. What an amazing experience! I was so impressed by the facilities. Calvin Manns supervises the production team at the General Recycling Center. Calvin has 40 years of experience in the industry--he's a bonafide expert on recycling! We also met Susan O'Brien, the account manager of Waste Management. So Patrick and I were in good hands as we discovered interesting facts about recycling. For instance, there are four semi-trucks that ship recycled materials everyday to various locations (e.g., Warsaw paper mill). There are also goods that are shipped internationally!

In addition, the recycling center accepts pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Charity in LaPorte Co.

And, check out this employee who graciously allowed me to take his photograph. His job is to bale cardboard using this oversized contraption:

Incredible! So, for those of you who are suspicious about whether your recyclables are actually recycled, I can assure you they are!

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PS: In case I haven't been clear in posting these blogs, there are no facilities in the state of Indiana that offer plastic bag recycling.