Saturday, August 12, 2006

Inspiration (or why I lost sleep over plastic bags)

This project began from a conversation I had with my friend Michael. I told him I was fed up with having so many plastic bags in my house--indeed, my "plastic bag" cabinet was overfilled, and there were a couple of plastic bags strewn in the kitchen. I wished there was something I could do about this--plastic bags just seem to accrue without any awareness. And I try to remember to bring my cloth shopping bag, but I always seem to remember when I'm *at* the store, and never *before* I get to the store!

Anyway, what began as an expression of frustration somehow escalated into a full-fledged project on conservation. I knew I was in big trouble when I got off the phone at 2:30am and excavated the plastic bags from the cabinet. I laid out the plastic bags on the kitchen floor, counted them, and photographed the scene. I must have taken 80-100 pictures of these bags.

I didn't go to bed until 4am, thanks to these bags. Yes, I'm in big trouble now. Something has to be done about conserving plastic bags. And I've got a few ideas on just how to address this issue.

(In case you're wondering, There were 71 plastic bags in the stack.)

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